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About us

Cleancorp was established in Brisbane in 1989 to service buildings with specific commercial cleaning requirements. With years of experience, Cleancorp offers a wealth of knowledge and skill to facilitate all aspects of Property Servicing.

The company has grown its portfolio throughout Australia to now include low, medium and hi-rise commercial buildings, retail centres, call centres, industrial complexes and large scale Green Star rated buildings.

OHS Policies

Cleancorp is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all persons. It is our policy to give the highest priority to the protection and safety of our employees, retailers, visitors and contractors. Our staff are fully trained in Occupational Health & Safety through our Learning Management System and on-site inductions to ensure an effective risk minimisation.

In order to achieve this objective Cleancorp has a proactive and stringent OH&S Plan and management System. The plan ensures:

  • Compliance with relevant legislative requirements, regulations, codes of practice Setting of best practice standards
  • Setting of best practice standards
  • Cost effective management of work systems in the organization.

Environmental Policy

It is is our policy to give the highest priority to the protection and safety of our employees, retailers, visitors and contractors. Cleancorp is committed to protecting the environment by conducting its operations in compliance with the principles of Sustainability and Green Star Ratings. In providing essential cleaning and related services we will strive to continually improve our environmental performance and encourage a balance between the environment, economic considerations and managing cleaning and hygiene.

Cleaning Services

Talented and experienced staff who are trained in all aspect of cleaning.

We have experience cleaning offices, back of house, dislay showrooms and call centres.


Carpet Cleaning

Full carpet cleaning and carpet restoration. Minor steam cleaning when mishaps arise. Experience in cleaning and servicing medical facilities, call centre operations and security sensitive offices.


Window Cleaning

Window cleaning specialist. All forms of glass cleaning from domestic to high rise. We partner with a blind cleaning company using “ultrasonic” system for cleaning and refreshing blinds


Toilery and pressure cleaning

Large selection of all toiletry and other requisites including laundry services. We also provide sanitary for washroom air freshner services, vinyl tratments and heavy duty cleaning.


Smart ID Cards

Smart ID Cards

Each staff member is issued with a Smart ID card which contains a QR Code for daily tasks and updates.

On-site training

On-Site Specific Training

Upon completion of the online training course, each staff member is fully trained on-site.

Equipment Training

Cleaning Equipment Training

Our staff are fully trained to properly use equipment such as vaccums and polishing machines as well as cleaning tools.

Experienced Trainers

Experienced Trainers

Senior managers with over 20 years experience in the cleaning industry to provide the highest quality training.

Building Service Contractors Association of Australia
Facilities Management Association of Australia
Green Building Council of Australia